Logo of the Mauritsring

The Mauritsring is the street circuit for the 24 Hours of the Mauritsring and Grand Prixs on Mauritsburg.

The circuit

Info of the Mauritsring

We begin at the start/finish line. After the start we cross the railway and reach the first corner: the Overwegbocht (Crossing Corner).
Afterwards we race through the long Willemsbocht (Willems Curve) and step on the brakes hard for the Mauritsbocht (Maurits Corner).
Here we drive into the historic inner city.
Afterwards we drive quickly to the Kerkbocht (Church Corner) and afterwards the Stationschicane (Station Chicane) to quickly leave the inner city again.
We drive towards the Verstappenchicane (Verstappen Chicane) where you must place the car well
to take the Luyendykbocht (Luyendyk Curve) at the fastest speed and get on the longest straight of the circuit.
The last corner, the Depotbocht (Depot Corner) is one of the best overtaking oppertunities and brings us back to the start/finish line.

The circuit is, calculated from 1:87 scale to 1:1, 1,001 km long.
The inspiration is of course the Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans),
where it's been partially inspired by the current layout, and partially by the layout of around 1970.